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GEKO is the answer to the constant question that freshwater anglers ask us every day. We have finally given a voice to those who love Seaspin lures to such an extent, to use them regularly in the lakes and rivers of the hinterland, due to the evident catching power they have on predatory fish. We have studied and balanced the trims, changing liveries and treble hooks, to make all our products even more performing. We are anglers and we give answers to our needs. All our lures are the result of experience and long design work. Our strength and collaboration, with those who constantly casts lures in the water until they know the small details, make the big difference. For the realization of the GEKO brand we worked side by side with a team of USA professionals, combining the Italian and European experience with the American one.
Underscoring the company’s sensitivity, we have developed a new “plastic less” packaging for hardbaits and spinnerbaits of this brand. Thank of a different form of packaging, we managed to save about 90% in the use of plastic compared to the original packaging.

Fish The GEKO

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