Crush ½

The missing link between vertebrates and invertebrates

  • Spinnerbait ½ oz. double willows version.
  • Frog head revolutionary spinnerbait shape.
  • Perfect to use in shallow water.
  • Highly performing swimming grade.
  • Mobile hook with horizontal trim.
  • No need for trailer hook.
  • Minimizes the risk of losing fish in fight.
  • High trim performance at high speed retrieve.


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Unique in its kind, the hook has great fluidity because it is attached to the body only through a split ring and a semi-rigid tube that covers and keeps it in the correct position during the retrieve phase. This solution allows to reduce the possibility of fish escaping during the fight. The hook joint adds length to the presentation making the use of the trailer hook unnecessary.
Its particular frog-shaped head with high lift allows it to have an effective set-up during the passage between the various submerged obstacles, while at the same time giving off many vibrations. The Crush is perfect for any situation but it becomes lethal for the shallow waters because, unlike other spinners, it does not fear high speed retrieves. The double willows are always on the move to issue silver or golden reflections capable of activating and attracting all the big fish ready to lurk.


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